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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.

Free shredding in Foster City, CA

I love free shredding events. I walk in lugging bags of sensitive papers and documents and walk out with nothing–except the confidence that no one will be able to extract my Social Security number or bank account number from that … Continue reading

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Put A Cap on Your Collection

Can you imagine collecting 109,000 of anything? Think of the space you’d need to display them all. Consider the time you’d have devote to cataloging and tracking your holdings. Then mull what would happen to your collection after your death. … Continue reading

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You Did What To My Email?

Are you still dealing with emails you received during the summer or Labor Day weekend? If you have a backlog of emails awaiting your attention, don’t bother responding. Instead, just declare email bankruptcy. Yes, delete ‘em all and move on. … Continue reading

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Paying the price for organizing

As a rule, I don’t like having to pay for something I can get for free. Yet in the name of organizing and decluttering—and maybe in the name of posterity—I recently shelled out $2.95 for a copy of an article … Continue reading

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Thirty-nine pairs of shoes

That’s how many pairs of shoes, on average, were visible in the homes of 32 middle-class, two-income couples, according to researchers from UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families. Don’t be mistaken: This doesn’t mean that families own 39 pairs … Continue reading

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Is it really almost July?

Several friends have lamented to me that summer, traditionally a long, lazy span of idle time, is whizzing by like a hummingbird on speed. I can’t say I disagree. I don’t even have to flip my week-by-week calendar to see … Continue reading

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photos and videos go digital

If you’re curious about services that will convert your old photos and videos (VHS, anyone?) into digital images you can store on your computer or in the cloud, a recent Plum District offer from Pixmonix might be worth a try. … Continue reading

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Hoarding Barbie

I’d always assumed that our gal Barbie had a home as spotless as her appearance. After all, being a fashion icon and celebrity demands a perpetual focus on image and style. But St. Louis-based photographer/artist Carrie M. Becker sees things a … Continue reading

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Easy, quick and effective organizing tips, courtesy of Debbie

Organizing your kitchen needn’t be expensive. Just ask Debbie. Continue reading

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one drawer at a time

Spring cleaning has begun in earnest around here, and what better place to start than my desk? And what better way to start than small? Starting small means you have less to lose if you don’t succeed. There’s less at … Continue reading

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