Getting my feet wet

I’ve been thinking about blogging for way too long now. But when writing colleague Michelle Rafter organized a May blogathon — a commitment to writing one post a day for the month of May — I knew I could either conveniently “forget” to sign up or just jump in.

So here I am. I hope you’re inspired and enlightened over the next 31 days. And if that’s too ambitious, I hope I can come up with 31 fresh (or at least not totally stale) ideas this month.

Today is a great day to scan your bookshelves and select five books. They can be:

— Books you’ve read but didn’t make your “favorites” list

— Books you’ve never read and, uh, probably never will … but they sure look impressive on your shelf (that’d be my husband’s copy of Thomas Edison’s biography)

— College textbooks. Honestly, you won’t need them again. (Do you still refer to your college textbooks? Tell me more!)

— Books your kids have outgrown.

— Books you’ve outgrown. (I went through a Norman Rockwell phase as a tween — but I’ve moved on. So have the books of his art.)

If selecting five books was easy, try to add another five. Or another 10. Most public libraries are happy to accept them for book sales. A preschool in your community would be very grateful for board books. Another great choice is a literacy, tutoring or mentoring program. They can always use reading material.


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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11 Responses to Getting my feet wet

  1. janudlock says:

    Hi Enough,
    Just wanted to say yeah for you. I, too, am just starting to blog but not on this blogathon. Just wanted to leave a comment because I know how exciting it is to read comments.

  2. anjuli says:

    Looking forward to reading your blogathon updates.

  3. Love the header on this blog. Did you take the picture?

    • organizesf says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your response! I wish I could take credit for the art, but it’s a stock photo. I’ll be looking for something more organize-y to put in on top once I get the hang of this!

  4. landguppy says:

    Oh lord, to pick just a few books would be impossible. I have five books next to my bed I haven’t read yet, never mind the little library I’ve built out of my obsession with books!

    Good luck blogathoning. Visit my book blog — Maybe we can swap on blog swap day?



    • organizesf says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m with you, girlfriend! I majored in English in college so I could read as much as possible, and reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. But I’ve started workin’ the library in recent years, rather than buying books. Or I buy books at Goodwill. The one in my town has an amazing selection! And when I’ve finished a book, unless I absolutely love it, I give it back to Goodwill — and, conveniently, pick up a new one.

      And yes, let’s chat about swapping! And … what are you reading these days?

  5. You couldn’t have posted a more timely topic for our house. Last weekend, my husband and I cleaned out all those books we were storing in the attic. I sorted my historical romance collection using these questions: Do I remember why I bought this book? Can I recall anything about it, even if that’s just the hero and heroine’s name? After reading the dust jacket for a clue, do I want to spend precious time reading it again? Will I cry rivers if it disappears from my life forever?

    And that’s how I ended up keeping 50 and dumping more than 500.

    My husband could answer more than one of these questions about every book in his sci-fi collection, but he still took them over to Half Price Books. That was a mistake on his part. He already misses them. I can’t recall what I sold.

    • organizesf says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Julie. Your strategies for deciding which books to keep were very effective — you clearly asked yourself some helpful questions that enabled you to winnow your collection. The fact that the books were stored in the attic is a clue that they’re not a vital part of your life now. And the great thing about books is that if you need or want them again, you can always repurchase them or borrow them from the library.

  6. Alexandra says:

    Books!! OMG. My husband collects books. We have a transfer station, and he is always finding new books there. I try to remind him that he must take one back for each one he retrieves, but it’s hopeless.

    • organizesf says:

      Hi Alexandra! Thanks for visiting! Yes, books can be a tough one. One person’s collection is another person’s clutter. At least he’s picking up books at the transfer station, rather than buying them. Would he be upset if you dropped off a box of books there? I mean, is he unwilling to let go of the books he’s read or is he just forgetful?

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