How about a quickie?

OK, I knew that would get your attention. But it wasn’t just a shameless ploy to encourage you to read on. Rather, a “quickie” organizing session, a micro-mini session, really works.

Ask yourself this question: What is one quick thing can you do today to make your home or office more organized and less cluttered? Think small. Really small.

A misconception about getting and staying organized is that you must spent days relentlessly purging your possessions and making wrenching decisions. But trying to do too much at once is counterproductive. Instead, if you can dedicate a small amount of time regularly to controlling chaos, and you’ll build on your successes and be inspired to do more.

Here are some “quickie” organizing tasks you can do in five minutes or less:

Empty your pencil/pen holder and wipe it out. Discard dried-out pens and stubs of pencils. Weed out the duplicates and oddball items (chopsticks, screwdriver, etc.). Replace all working pens and sharpened pencils.

Clean out your wallet. File or toss old receipts. Remove surplus change (or drop it into the tip jar of your favorite eatery). Remove and destroy expired credit cards. If you’re feeling extra-motivated, cancel one credit card you haven’t used in a year.

Clean up your car. You can do this while you’re pumping gas, in fact. Corral wrappers, paper scraps, empty cups and other debris. Put anything that belongs in the house on the passenger seat so you don’t forget it. Empty your car trash bag. You do have one of those, don’t you?

Winnow your email. Remove yourself from the mailing lists of companies you’re not interested in. Use the “unsubscribe” feature at the bottom of those emails.

What quick techniques do you use to get and keep yourself organized at home or at work?


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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3 Responses to How about a quickie?

  1. Alexandra says:

    I like the winnowing of mail concept. Also, need to remember to clean out my wallet more often as I always jam receipts into it. Thanks for this reminder!

    (Every time my adult daughters come into my office they get this hungry housekeeping look in their eyes. Since I run a B&B and must keep guest rooms tidy, the office is the last place I organize. It is small, but that makes no difference, I’m afraid.)

  2. shelcluzo says:

    I looked at all the necklaces laying about and decided I needed a necklace tree. Instead of buying on, I went to the pile of apple tree clippings in the backyard. I selected two of these and recycled a lovely empty wine bottle. Voila’, I hung my necklaces on the short nubs of the ‘new’ branches and I have a beautiful jeweled tree on my bureau!

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