Are pharmacists naturally organized?

My recent blog post about learning organization techniques from my mom struck a note with at least one reader: my dad.

He emailed that he likes my blog (hey, he is my dad, after all) but added:

In my mind, Mom seems to be the one who leaves things around, and then has trouble finding them- as car keys, glasses, watch, etc., and I was the one who always said “put it back where it belongs.”

Uh oh. I know better than to comment on his remark about my mom leaving stuff around! My husband says the same thing to me. And I admit that I like to keep various projects spread out my desk as a visual to-do list. But at least I know where they are.

So here are some props for my dad, who runs a pretty tight ship and doesn’t seem to lose anything. (Maybe that’s because he has less stuff than Mom?) When he came home from work each day, he’d put his keys on the same shelf of the same kitchen cabinet. When he was done using a tool, it always went back in his toolbox.

And when he owned a pharmacy, he always kept a tidy stack of scrap paper on the counter and never failed to return bottles of medicine to their proper shelves. Prescriptions that were awaiting pickup or delivery (anyone remember those days? My first car, a Chevy Citation, was a rusty but trusty former pharmacy delivery car) were arranged alphabetically behind the

The late, great Chevy Citation

counter. Needless to say, my dad wouldn’t have been able to fill prescriptions easily if he didn’t have an effective system for storing and organizing medicines.

So are pharmacists more organized than people in other professions? Or is it just my dad?

Or, uh, did my dad learn all those handy tips from my mom?! 😉


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1 Response to Are pharmacists naturally organized?

  1. Organization can be tricky, that’s for sure. I’ve got about four notebooks for writing – one for blog posts, one for the garden, one for lists, and one for a journal – and one for teaching. I feel silly sometimes looking at the stack of notebooks, but then I do know where to find assorted ideas, etc. when I need them.

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