Get ready to give it all away

This just in, on the heels of my recent post about how much easier it is to let go of unneeded items when they’re going to help someone else: Saturday, May 15 is Give Your Stuff Away Day. So says organizer Mike Morone in New York State, who hopes to make it a twice-a-year event.

It’s pretty simple. You put what you don’t — nothing illegal, edible, dangerous or junky, please — by your curb as a freewill offering to the world. Anyone who wants it or needs it  can help themselves. It’s not really a novel concept; folks have been doing this for ages in towns and cities across the country.

If you’re looking for an incentive to free some space on your bookshelves, in your garage or anywhere else in your home, Give Your Stuff Away Day might just provide the nudge you need.

But if you’re trying to maintain what you have, be careful on Saturday. It’s tempting to snap up items that are free (Did somebody say free?!) — but before you do, think carefully about whether you can really, truly use them now. Not maybe one day. Not perhaps. Not maybe you know someone who might want them. Just you. And just now.

The only way to prevent more “stuff” from filling your home is to not let it get a foot in the door in the first place.

What are you going to put by the curb on Saturday morning?


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3 Responses to Get ready to give it all away

  1. Barb says:

    I just LOVE getting rid of stuff. I’m in! I just don’t have a curb (live in a high rise apartment, no curbside trash)–so I’ll commit to a visit to the Goodwill truck just around the corner..

  2. A whole bunch of old clothes. It is a good feeling because for some reason it brings clarity. I don’t know why.

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