Is it Real Simple to get organized?

Well, apparently it is. The cover of the June issue serves up those three magic words we all love to hear: Organize your life. And the subhead promises: 15 systems for every personality. Which works for you?

The photo, a study in pleasing pastels, shows a small wooden bowl of buttons, three shells on an apricot-colored background and a jar of white push pins. None of these exasperate most people the way lost files and cluttered silverware drawers do — but they do look lovely on the cover.

Is getting organizing this Simple?

The article, which is 196 pages into the magazine, can be summed up by the assertion that you’re either right-brained and “go through life in a somewhat seat-of-the-pants (aka scattered) way” or left-brained and “approach challenges in a rational, linear way.”

When it comes to getting organized, right-brainers should focus on creative storage and display solutions like bulletin boards and bright boxes. Left-brainers can categorize, sort and stack to their tidy little hearts’ content.

I wish organizing were as simple as putting stuff in appropriate containers and displays. That’s the easy and fun part.

The hard work comes well before that. The most challenging organizing task is sorting through the collection of “stuff” that fills a drawer, desk, closet, shelf, garage, room or home — and then making sometimes painstaking decisions about what to keep, what to discard or give away and what to let go. Figuring out how to make that time-consuming and occasionally wrenching process easier — how to make that real simple, in fact — would be a great service to readers.


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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