Don’t forget the milk!

Or better yet, remember the milk … because a reminder with a positive spin always sounds better than a negative one.

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Several of my friends are fans of a website called Remember the Milk, a digital reminder and to-do list service you can use with a variety of apps. You can even format errands by location so you can map out the most energy-effiicent order in which to complete them.

I have to admit I haven’t yet tried it. I like a paper to-do list that I can jot notes on, cross completed items off and highlight priorities. I’m guessing many of those features are part of Remember the Milk. I need to give it a try to find out.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Do you find RTM more compatible with your needs than a typical paper list? Would you use it consistently?


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1 Response to Don’t forget the milk!

  1. I would not use anything on the internet consistently yet. I’m still happy with an old-fashioned paper list. But it’s a good app to have if you’re the techy type.

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