The dirt on Craigslist

Craigslist made the front page of Thursday’s San Francisco Chronicle. The headline: Craigslist counters ad on underage sex for sale. This post is about Craigslist, alright, but it has nothing to do with its “adult services” section. (Sorry if you’re disappointed but hey, this is an organizing blog!)

Craigslist solved a big problem for me this week — finding a home for a big heap of organic mulch. I’ve spent weeks shoveling it onto our flower beds and into our raised garden beds, and it still wasn’t gone. After devoting another few hours to this task over the past few days, I had an epiphany: Someone else can use this!

I put my shovel and gardening gloves aside, ran to my computer and posted on Craigslist’s “free” section. In less than an hour, I received emails from Dave and Lily. Dave said he was happy to take as much mulch as I had. Lily politely requested just a few buckets worth for her zucchini plants. Come and get it, I said.

Dave lined the backseat of his Ford Taurus with tarps and shoveled the mulch right in. I think he made three or four trips. Lily loaded a few five-gallon buckets full of mulch into the back of her minivan. And I sighed in happiness as my mulch pile shrank … and disappeared. Dave even brought a broom to sweep up after he loaded the last shovelfuls.

Now my husband can park in the driveway again. And I can look my neighbors in the eye once more.

I’ve given away many items on Craigslist, from an interior door to a toy-storage unit that had seen much better days. So why not mulch? Yes, I could’ve sold it, but I felt better about letting it go for free.

Both Dave and Lily were very appreciative. Lily even brought me a jar of her homemade plum preserves as a thank-you gift. But really, I owe them because they both got me out of a jam.


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