Packing it all in

If you’re fortunate enough to be traveling a distance this Memorial Day weekend, you’re likely to have a bag or two to pack. Packing doesn’t stress me, and it doesn’t take me long, but my husband is another story. He can spend hours standing over a stack of clothes heaped on the bed, agonizing over what to bring.

That agony ended when he created a packing list. He designed a two-column sheet on the computer with a list of items he usually needs and a small box by each item for the quantity. He divided the list into “business trips” (jacket, loafers, etc.) and “vacation” (shorts, flip-flops, etc.) and listed every toiletry, article of clothing and tech gadget that he usually brings.

Now all he has to do is print out the list, gather the items on it and bring enough for the duration of the trip. It’s worked wonderfully because he doesn’t have to start from zero each time he has to pack.

You can create your own list or use a free online one like this. Or this.

What helps you remember everything you need when you travel?


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