The end is in sight

Twenty-eight down and three to go. Blog posts, that is. When I signed up for a May blogathon, I vowed to post daily from the first day of May to the last. I’m almost there.

Writing daily isn’t the challenge — I spent more than a decade of my life as a reporter at daily newspapers in Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii and Georgia, battling deadlines each day as I reported on school board meetings, murder trials and breaking news. But back then, daily reporting was my job.

Now I’m juggling blogging on top of my organizing business, parenting, keeping the hamper and my in-box from overflowing, exercising and putting mostly nutritious meals on the table.

So the challenge for me (and other blogathon participants too, I’m sure) has been squeezing in this additional duty every day. Some tricks I’ve learned:

I can write posts in advance and schedule their publication dates. (You can employ a similar tactic with meals, making two entrees at a time and serving one for dinner while freezing the other for later use.)

— A little is better than nothing. (This goes for organizing efforts and exercise too.)

— You don’t have to do it alone. I love my guest bloggers because they take a daily responsibility off my shoulders AND they bring their readers along to visit my blog. (If you’re stymied by a cluttered entryway or an overwhelming to-do list, call in a professional organizer for some advice and support.)

What tools and techniques help you maintain your daily commitments?

PS — Starting on June 1, I don’t expect to be blogging daily, but you never know. I will be posting several times a week for sure.


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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1 Response to The end is in sight

  1. June: Thanks for the great post. But can I just mention that May has 31 days? Hopefully you’ve got a short post squirreled away for just such occasions. Thanks for being part of the blogathon, and pre-write so you can enjoy the long weekend.

    Michelle Rafter

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