easier than cleaning out the garage …

Summer’s here, and that means you’re either loving or hating your garage. If it’s organized and tidy, you’re loving being able to find your pruning shears, bicycle pump and badminton set. And if your garage is a diaster zone, you’re cringing every time you peer into its cobwebby depths and dusty corners. Maybe your neighbors are even giving you the evil eye as they walk or drive by.

If you’re concerned about appearances — or just have a sense of humor about your garage — here’s an easy solution: A garage-door billboard from a German company called Style Your Garage. Imagine how passersby will gawk when they see what appears to be a fighter jet, a fire engine or dozens of casks of wine filling your garage.

Does the Red Baron live at your house?

The company makes more than 250 designs, all easily attached to the front of your bland, boring garage door with Velcro. The cost appears to be a few hundred dollars, and the result is a lot of fun (though I’m sure homeowners’ associations would have a few things to say).

As an organizer, I’m rarely in favor of trying to cover up clutter, but in this case, if you’ve got enough of a sense of humor to want to adorn your garage with a view of Tuscany (see below) or a school bus, escalators to heaven and hell or, ahem, sexy pole dancers and pole, you probably will be able to approach the process of cleaning out said garage with plenty of humor too. And that’s half the battle.

A Tuscany garage

Take a dip!


About organizesf

Professional organizer June Bell (www.organizesf.com) combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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1 Response to easier than cleaning out the garage …

  1. Susan Weiner says:

    Cute! But this won’t work on old-fashioned barn-style doors

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