Things are looking up

(this post is a complete version of the earlier one sent out today)

That’s my creative way of saying something that sounds mundane but is really important in organizing your home office: Use your wall space. Adding shelving or even a magnetic memo board to the wall or walls near your desk will magically expand your work and storage space, which is great because:

— You’ll be able to remove some items from your desk, making it look less crowded and giving you more room to work

— You’ll have files, reference books, etc. within arm’s reach

— You’ll no longer need to stack materials on the floor, on a spare chair or on your open drawers to create more desk space

The opportunity to make the best use of wall space in a home office arose last weekend when I was working with a wonderful (well, all my clients are wonderful!) client to declutter and organize her home office. She has an L-shaped desk that abuts a long, blank wall. I suggested she add shelves like these, from Ikea, to boost the amount of functional space in her office.

I recommended these shelves because they’re affordable ($30), attractive and strong (they hold up to 66 pounds). They also don’t require long vertical supports like many closet shelving units, so they’re more suited for an office or living room.

Her glass desk has no drawers, so she can use colorful covered boxes or tidy woven baskets to store paper clips, a stapler and a roll of tape. Magazine holders could handle printer paper and envelopes.

How do you use wall space in your office, and how could you make better use of your vertical real estate?


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