Victory Is Sweet

That’s the massive headline on the front page of today’s San Francisco Chronicle. The photos filling the page show hundreds of thousands of giddy fans cheering the Giants at a parade celebrating their first-ever World Series championship.

Giants T-shirts and ball caps are selling like crazy all over Northern California. Everyone wants a souvenir to remember this feeling of euphoria.

Acid-free treatment will protect your newspapers

Watching the parade on TV, I saw many people in the crowds waving newspapers with headlines announcing the championship. ┬áThere’s nothing like being able to hold the big news in your hand, savor the photos and enjoy the articles. The Chronicle folks know this; they’re selling souvenir editions and will print a special commemorative section on Sunday honoring the Giants.

If you’d like to preserve these sections — or anything printed in a newspaper — you’ll need to do it properly. Newsprint is inexpensive, low-quality paper, and even if it’s carefully tucked away, it becomes brittle and yellows over time.

To preserve a newspaper in its best condition, store it flat in an acid-free box away from light, heat and damp conditions. You can find acid-free storage materials at Archival Products or other similar sites. A site called Archival Boxes will make custom acid-free boxes for whatever you want to preserve. Your local librarian or bookstore may be able to recommend a source too.

You could also have your favorite front page framed behind UV-shielded glass and on an acid-free mat. Be sure to hang it somewhere away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

If you’ve been saving copies of newspaper with historic headlines, why not dig them out now and check their condition? If they’ve disintegrated or are mildewed or decayed, discard them.

If they’re still in good shape, order the proper storage materials to keep them that way so they’ll last for decades.┬áThat way, when your great-grandchildren don’t believe that news used to appear on paper rather than on a screen, you’ll be able to prove it.


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