Getting mega-organized

This week I’m heading to San Diego for the National Association of Professional Organizers’ (NAPO) annual conference. It’ll be the first one I’ve attended.

I’m excited about loading up my brain with training sessions on everything from how to help couples organize (easier than it sounds!) to how to work most effectively with clients whose organizing style is different from your own. And Julie Morgenstern, organizer par extraordinaire, will be speaking about the future of the organizing industry.

I wonder if she’ll mention the contentious matter of NAPO’s direction. Its leaders last year asked members to vote on changing the organization’s name to reflect the broader reach of the group, to time management professionals, therapists, counselors and social workers and even tech gurus who create, implement and use organizing software. Members shot the measure down.

Their rejection might have been a knee-jerk reaction to the scant detail offered about reasons for the proposed change. Or maybe “old-school” organizers don’t want to broaden the membership to such a disparate group. I’m not sure. But I do know that this issue will surely come up again.

There’s a huge overlap between productivity coaching, time-management coaching and office organizing. You simply can’t address one and ignore the others. And if a client needs help setting up a database to manage information, a smart organizer will call in an expert to tackle that job.

I hope organizers will be open to collaborating with other experts in other fields rather than jealously guarding their turf. My business exists to help people become more organized, and if that means pulling in an interior designer or carpenter, I’m all for it. The bottom line for all of us is finding the resources to best serve our clients.

My goal is to return home from San Diego ablaze with inspiration and even more enthusiasm about organizing and the process of helping people get a handle on their time, possessions and space. I’m eager to share with you what I learn.


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  1. Have a great time in San Diego… don’t blaze too much, please 🙂

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