Get ready for “Give Your Stuff Away Day”

It’s that time again … time for Mike Morone’s annual “Give Your Stuff Away Day” on Saturday, May 14. Mike last year launched a campaign to encourage people to give away household goods they no longer want by putting them out for “donation” by their curbs.

Pretty much anything goes provided it’s OK with your municipality and is safe and legal. So, obviously, no hazardous waste, no explosives, no firearms, no alcohol — which is a shame because we have five beers in our pantry that my husband won’t drink — and no drugs.

Mike’s website is On it, he’s posted a long list of items ideal for giving away. That includes bikes, desks, computers (with hard discs scrubbed), sporting goods, books and clothes. Make sure all items all in decent condition. Otherwise, they’re just called … trash.

I find I work best when I know I have a deadline to meet a goal. (I blame/credit my career as a daily newspaper reporter. Or maybe I became a reporter because I like deadlines. Food for thought there for sure.) If you also like to have a “hard stop” for a project, consider Saturday, May 14 your deadline for cleaning out your garage, a bookshelf, closet or drawer.

Pur your items out on the curb with a “free to a good home” sign nearby just so there’s no question they’re up for grabs. Then enjoy your uncluttered space and the knowledge that your unwanted items will be finding happy new homes.


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1 Response to Get ready for “Give Your Stuff Away Day”

  1. Am also very excited about 5/14 and sent a note to my neighborhood encouraging them to join in. Sadly, that seemed to trigger a reminder email from the HOA that “garage sales are not allowed”, but since we’ll be giving away, not selling, I think that’s OK, yes? Better to ask forgiveness than permission…

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