10 outfits that I wear again and again

That’s what Wall Street Journal reporter Teri Agins said yesterday that she has in her closet. Specifically, they’re “the workhorses” of her wardrobe, and when she shops she restricts her purchases to “replicating variations of my all-time favorites.”

A WSJ reader had asked her how to better organize a closet and Agins, a fashion writer, offered some suggestions. They included keeping items visible; grouping pieces by color, not season; and weeding out anything that pinches, is stained or torn, needs alterations or doesn’t fit well. All good advice.

She also recommended “auditioning” clothes that are more than five years old to check for fit. Agins noted a sad truth: Even if you don’t gain weight, your proportions are likely to shift over time, so a dress that looked great a decade ago may no longer do the job.

I liked this idea of “auditioning” so much that I combed through my closet to see what was more than a decade old. I found a floral button-down shirt I wore for my California driver’s license photo in 2001. It somehow shrunk in my closet. I also weeded out a green Old Navy V-neck T-shirt that had five teeny holes across the front. And I added a few pairs of running shorts and fatigued sports bras to my “farewell” pile. Going next: A lovely navy beaded dress I wore to my nephew’s bar mitzvah. He’s now in college.

What’s in your closet that needs an exodus?


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Professional organizer June Bell (www.organizesf.com) combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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1 Response to 10 outfits that I wear again and again

  1. I am ruthless with my closet – sometimes over ruthless – but I am finding it absolutely impossible to say goodbye to my grey comfort cardi with a (fake) furry collar. There’s some kind of emotional attachment, for sure, as I always reach for it during my blue moments. That’s probably the only thing over 10 years old, although a couple of other favorites are getting close.
    I’m off to read the WSJ article now!

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