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When does summer begin for you? Is it Memorial Day? When the pool opens? How about June 21, the summer solstice? Or when school gets out–or camp begins?


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For me, summer starts when I make my summer to-do list. I’ve been doing this for the past few years after feeling that the joys of summer relaxation were escaping me. I started listing no more than five pleasurable things I wanted to accomplish by summer’s end.

Previous lists have included trying new recipes, exploring a San Francisco neighborhood and inviting friends for dinner.

This year’s list:

— Visit two flea markets (probably Alemany and Candlestick, which is June 19, July 17 and August 14) … I’ll have to be up by about 6 a.m., but that’s typical anyway in our house.

— Write an e-book on “How to Conquer Your School’s Lost and Found Problem Once and For All” (you heard it here first)

— Eat at two new vegetarian restaurants. First on the is Gather in Berkeley, which isn’t strictly vegetarian but has a wide-ranging vegetarian and vegan menu.

— Go hiking three times. Once will be in Pennsylvania at lush Ridley Creek State Park when I visit family.

— Cross the Golden Gate Bridge to check out the discount goods at Liquid Marin, one of my favorite stores but a place I rarely make time to enjoy. It’s about an hour’s drive from my house, but it’s a beautiful drive, so here it is.

— Clean out the garage. For an organizer, this is a treat. Especially because my husband, whose stuff fills  many of the boxes in the garage, is eager to help. He’s hoping that with a little purging and reorganizing, he’ll be able to fit his car as well as mine inside. It’s worth a try.

How do I make these goals happen? First, I write them down. Then I start scheduling. I’ve already made a reservation for Gather. And I’ve started setting aside blocks of time to think through my book idea and draft the chapters. I’ve also gathered some information on how to upload it to Amazon, where it can be purchased. I scheduled the Pennsylvania hike with a friend, and I’ve also signed up for some Bay Area hiking group emails so I can find hikes that work with my calendar.

I’m confident that by writing down my goals and taking deliberate steps to meet them, I’ll be able to look back on Labor Day (that’s when summer ends, if you ask me) and feel proud of having enjoyed a rich, full summer.

What’s on your summer goal list?


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