the conflicted minimalist

“More clarity, less clutter.” That’s the manifesto of The Conflicted Minimalist, aka Rachel Weingarten, a New York publicist/writer/stylist who loves shoes and beautiful quirky things but is ready to pare her possessions. (Check out her logo, which shows a glass that is either half empty or half full.)

She’s set some helpful and realistic “rules” for herself that can help anyone who’s trying to get a handle on clutter.

First, she’s committed to spending one hour on a weekend day to decluttering. This is a workable plan because she’s setting a very concrete, attainable goal. One hour is so much more realistic than “clean up my bedroom” or “file all my papers.” And she’s scheduled it for the weekend, when she knows she’ll have time to spend on this task. If she hates decluttering, she knows she has to spend only an hour doing it. That’s manageable.

She also says, “Meaning trumps adorable.” As she puts it, “If there’s only room for one souvenir, favorite accessory or household item it should be the one with a history and not the trendiest version of what you already own.” Sounds like good advice for anyone who’s tempted by the latest gadget or fashion trend.

And finally, Rachel is committing to “love it or lose it.” She reminds herself to enjoy what she has. Don’t save the cashmere sweater or the good silver for special occasions. Make every day a special occasion by using the possessions you love. That’s how you possess items instead of letting them possess you.


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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