(Organized) Heart of Glass

Summer vacation’s nearly over (for my son), so it’s back to the blog time (for me). And what better way to end August than to learn in today’s USA Weekend magazine that Blondie rocker Debbie Harry is a closet organizer?

Debbie Harry likes to keep her space shipshape (sorry!)

Well, not quite. She won’t be joining the ranks of NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) any time soon.

Rather, Harry, 66, admits in an interview that she secretly prefers to keep her kitchen and her life simple and tidy. Here’s her quote: “I have a lot of responsibilities and irons in the fire, and I think it’s better if things are organized. That’s why nothing hangs on my fridge. I hate refrigerator clutter.”

She also confesses she loves fast cars and sews or crafts all her own clothes, and she likes to cook Italian meatballs. Hey, not the most in-depth interview, but with a new album (Panic of Girls) to promote, she has to talk about something besides her 1979 hit, “Heart of Glass.” Which I remember from my days at Haverford Junior High School.

Whether in honor of Blondie (who says 60something women can’t rock, right?) and back-to-school time, crank up your iPod and take a minute to remove at least three items from the front of your fridge.

Photo credit: http://powercorruptionlies.tumblr.com/post/1123811506


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Professional organizer June Bell (www.organizesf.com) combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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