$50 in a drawer

I’ve had this happen often with clients, but until Wednesday, it hadn’t happened to me. Emptying and organizing a small drawer in my office, I found a $50 LL Bean gift card my husband had received months ago for expiring Delta miles. It was time to do the “free money” happy dance.

It just so happened that my son needed a new backpack, and LL Bean has some of the most durable bags around. They carry (no pun intended) a lifetime warranty and are rugged enough to stand up to years of hauling and abuse. Our gift card windfall covered the cost of a new red book bag, and there’s still a few dollars left on the card.

How did I misplace the card? It was in the correct place: In a drawer where I keep a variety of credit card-like cards, including association membership cards. Because my husband had received several and we’d had a few others from LL Bean promotions, this one somehow escaped notice. Fortunately, they don’t expire.

I’m more diligent about keeping track of coupons I’ve purchased from sites like Groupon and Living Social because they have expiration dates. After losing $10 this summer by missing the deadline to redeem a $20 restaurant coupon, I’ve become much more careful.

If you have coupons that you’re unlikely to use, consider selling them on the thriving second market. Sites like dealsgoround.com, lifesta.com and couprecoup.com let you recover some of the money you spent–or buy other coupons at a discount. If you’ve tried these, please share your experiences here.

I wish I could award an LL Bean gift card to anyone who offers their opinion, but I’m afraid that ship has already sailed.


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Professional organizer June Bell (www.organizesf.com) combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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