at the library, three’s a crowd

If you’re subsidizing your local library through overdue fees, take a tip from my friend Elana. She’s a serious reader (she introduced me to Emile Zola’s “Germinal” and we’re making our way through “Moby Dick” together) and dedicated library user. So are her two kids.

When they visit the library, each child is allowed to borrow three books. When those are returned, they can select three more. Elana always knows her son and daughter each have three books on loan, so she’s never frantically searching under the sofa cushions for a Harry Potter novel.

I love this idea because it’s so easy to implement. And it will work with any number of books, too.


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2 Responses to at the library, three’s a crowd

  1. Debbie says:

    That’s a great idea! Lately my son has been checking out 30 books at a time (Japanese anime – he reads them quickly). Fortunately the library gives a printout of the books so I check them off before we bring them back to make sure we know we have them all. That, and make sure the books stay in one location in the house. Still, we’ve gone on book hunts before in the house and it’s not pleasant. That Elana is one smart gal. I think I’d like her.

  2. organizesf says:

    I am sure you would just love Elana. I do too, but now she’s gotten me hooked on The New Yorker, which I wish were a monthly rather than a weekly. Then I wouldn’t feel so far behind in my reading.

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