You’re such a card (sender) – try it for free

I know I’m in the minority, but I love the ritual of sending holiday cards. I mail about a dozen to friends I connect with annually, and I send another dozen or so to colleagues and business partners. I enjoy selecting winter-themed cards, buying colorful stamps, writing a personal message and addressing the envelopes.

If you’re rolling your eyes in disbelief, I totally understand. Most people quake at the thought of yet another chore on their long holiday to-do list. If you like to send cards but become overwhelmed by the effort required, Sincerely Ink has a great solution: Use their free app to create and send holiday cards from your cell phone.

It’s so easy my 8-year-old has done it: Download Sincerely Ink’s Postagram app. Select a colorful card. Drop in your photo from your camera roll or even Facebook. Add a few lines of personal text. Select the addresses of your recipients from your phone’s address book. Click and send.

Your recipients each get a thick glossy 5-by-7 card with a bright photo and a message from you. Cards are $1.99 each or as little as $1.69 apiece if you order in bulk. International cards are $2.99. Everything comes with a money-back guarantee.

Sincerely Ink’s CEO Matt Brezina says anyone can design and send cards to everyone on their list in 10 minutes. No waiting in line for stamps. No agonizing over boxes of cards. No hunting for return address labels. No writer’s cramp. And no guilt in January when you find the box of unsent holiday cards shoved under a stack of magazines.

Give it a try yourself. Matt has kindly provided a free Sincerely Ink card for the first 20 of my readers who enter the promo code “organizesf” on his site.

Is a card you design and send via less personal than one you hand write? Is it better than no card at all? What do you think?


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Professional organizer June Bell ( combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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