Want to lose five pounds without dieting?

It’s easy! If you want to take a small step toward clearing clutter, bring up to five pounds of documents (about 500 pages) to Staples by Feb. 29 and they’ll be shredded at no charge by Iron Mountain, a shredding business that partners with Staples.

The deal is worth around $4 because Staples charges 79 cents a pound for shredding. But really, it’s worth a lot more than that if it inspires you to weed out old paystubs, mortgage refinancing paperwork or financial documents from your files and shred them. If that’s the case, 500 pages is a significant amount of paper.

(Just an FYI: You deposit your papers in a securely locked bin, and Iron Mountain shreds the contents. They’re not shredded immediately on site, so if you’re edgy about this arrangement, this might not be a deal you want to pursue.)

Staples says you don’t need a coupon and the offer is good through the entire month. I’ve already amassed a big stack of paperwork to drop off, and I’m looking forward to losing that weight.


About organizesf

Professional organizer June Bell (www.organizesf.com) combats clutter and chaos with sage advice, tested techniques and good humor.
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2 Responses to Want to lose five pounds without dieting?

  1. susanweiner says:

    Thanks! I shared this great offer on Facebook.

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