Organizer as “clergy and personal savior”?

I think that’s a little much, don’t you? But maybe I’m not giving my profession enough credit. In yesterday’s New York Times, reporter Penelope Green says that in the past few decades, organizers have risen from obscurity of recognized specialists in managing clutter and taming chaos.

She writes: “In a secular culture, clutter may be the closest thing we have to original sin. Following this metaphor, the organizer is both clergy and personal savior.” Check out the full article here.

She also interviews Angela Wallace, president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), which is holding its national conference this weekend in Baltimore.

Angela’s a Bay Area resident and a familiar sight at our local NAPO meetings. She gives a wide-ranging and educational interview on all things organizing, from whether the proliferation of Container Stores is a good thing to why she doesn’t save clients’ records.

I especially liked her insights on how to choose an organizer. She says, “It’s experience and also chemistry. Will their skills support what you’re trying to do? The organizer doesn’t just come in and tell you what to do. It’s more a matter of working with you and helping you to make the decision. Organization is not a destination. You do not arrive at being organized. It’s a process you have to constantly maintain.”

“Organization is not a destination” … what a great insight. I hope she doesn’t mind if I adopt it as a mantra!



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