photos and videos go digital

If you’re curious about services that will convert your old photos and videos (VHS, anyone?) into digital images you can store on your computer or in the cloud, a recent Plum District offer from Pixmonix might be worth a try. You get $60 worth of digital scanning for just $25. The deal is good only for the next five days, and you’re limited to no more than three coupons per person.

Pixmonix’s website lists charges as 49 cents per picture for 300 dpi (dots per inch) or 69 cents per picture for 600 dpi. The higher the resolution, the greater the cost. Negatives are 59 cents or 79 cents a piece, and 35 mm slides are 69 cents or 89 cents.

This deal won’t empty the shoeboxes of old photos in your closet, but it does give you a chance to stick a toe in the digital pool. And you get your originals back … but if you like the digital format, you have my permission to discard the old photos and instead keep the digital images.


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