Is it really almost July?

Several friends have lamented to me that summer, traditionally a long, lazy span of idle time, is whizzing by like a hummingbird on speed. I can’t say I disagree. I don’t even have to flip my week-by-week calendar to see that June gives way to July on Sunday. I’ve discovered that trying to schedule a summer Sunday with friends is futile because so many families are traveling or sending kids to camp. So much for free time.

The folks at Doodle, a scheduling app, say their research finds that events are scheduled about two months in advance. How do they know? They combed key words that users of their event-planning software cited. The words “summer vacation” peaked in mid-May and enjoyed a smaller but longer-lived search through June. And it was all down hill from there until August. Interestingly enough, “summer vacation” made a brief appearance on the Doodle chart in February. That’s probably because camp enrollments begin around then, and parents need to plan camp around vacation, or vice versa.

If you feel that summer is passing you by, don’t despair. It’s not too late to manage your summer break–or create one.

— Pick two or three activities you’d like to do this summer. Choose something manageable, like seeing an art exhibit, going to a concert or taking a day hike, so you’re not overwhelmed by scheduling logistics.

— Schedule days to do these things. Write those dates on your calendar. Arrange for childcare if you need it, or request the day off from your boss.

— Tell at least two friends or family members about your plans. Promise to report back to them about your adventure. Being accountable makes you more likely to follow through with your plan.

— Take a photo of yourself enjoying your summer activity. This will help you remember the experience and give you pleasure when you share it with others.

Here’s a photo from yesterday’s trip to Felton, Calif., to go zip lining among the redwoods. Summer memory: Check!

What have you planned for this summer?


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